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Modernizing instead of new acquisition

The careful analysis of your system is at the beginning of each retrofit projects if existing, supported by the electrical documents, the PLC programs and the source codes. Should these documents not be available then our specialists will carry out an analysis directly on location. Generally applicable is to find the optimal cost-benefit balance. The target of each retrofit measure is after the reconstruction to achieve a facility that is as good as new with the highest production safety and cost reduction through modern and effective control technology.

The shutdown period of the facility is reduced to a minimum during the reconstruction. This is guaranteed through the optimal planning, the pre-testing of the systems and the simulation of the automation processes by us. We are in the position with our knowledge and the wealth of experience in the automation, production and manufacture to realize this quickly, safely and cost efficiently.

Our Service

  • Developing of a sophisticated retrofit concepts for your individual requirements
  • Analysis of the cost-benefit efficiency of the retrofit measure
  • Exchanging of sensors and actuators
  • Modernizing of the switch cabinets and the operator panel
  • Exchanging of the controlling and gear technology
  • Integration of the Bus and network technology
  • Exchanging or updating of the superior I&C and control systems
  • Integration of modern communication media and interfaces
  • Creation, actualization and completion of the facility documentation
  • Facility concept implementation according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines
  • Facility concept implementation for explosion protection areas
  • Facility concept implementation for the food industry under special hygiene conditions
  • Facility concept implementation for clean rooms