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Maxi Termi Point

Maxi Termi Point is a special cable connecting technology. The cores of the cable in this process are skinned with a special tool on one step and then coiled up to the so-called Maxi Termi Point. For such an electro technical work IFA Mess-, Regel- und Elektrotechnik GmbH is highly specialized. The company carries out for many years now electrical installation planning but also for example the switchboard manufacturing.

IFA builds additionally the terminal boards, network cabinets and the PTSK tested switchboards. Also in the own production we have low voltage and medium voltage switchgears. Lighting installations, cable pulling, cable connecting as well as cable route extensions are areas of the IFA. We also install the B&R control. IFA carries out: BGV A3 and VDE 0100 tests.

IFA GmbH is a much valued all-rounder in measurement, regulation and electrical technologies. Installations according to ATEX (explosion safety) as well as work according to the guidelines of fire safety and radiation protection belong to our daily business of the experienced IFA technicians.