Measurement, Regulation & Electro Technology.

IFA is your international partner in automation and process technology.

PLC programming

As a specialized company for Measurement, Regulation and Electrical Technology (EN ISO 9001 certified) IFA carries out PLC programming of any kind. IFA belongs to the leading companies in the south of Germany for switchboard manufacturing, PTSK tested switchboards as well as in the area of network cabinets.

IFA plans and builds terminal boards, medium and low voltage switchgears. IFA takes on the work of process visualization, cable tray planning and also the complex electrical installation planning for their clients in the whole of Europe. Contractors are for example nuclear power plants. The installations according to ATEX belong to daily business.

Likewise we are experts for contamination protection, fore safety and explosion protection.  Primary data logging, potential equalization and the creation of the circuit diagrams are additional business fields of the company IFA GmbH Baden-Wuerttemberg. Classical trade work like cable pulling and cable tray fitting are of course carried out professionally by the IFA.