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Door test and gate test

The reliable IFA-Service

Electrically steered doors and gates must be tested from the operator in frequent intervals from trained and for this special task accredited personnel. The sense behind this test is the determination whether the safety equipment functions properly. One must pay attention to the accident prevention regulation, the regulation of the building code, the guidelines of the producer as well as the associations. The implementation of the maintenance measures is

regulated according to the Norm DIN 14677:2011-03 and guarantees the operational readiness over the complete duration of use. The documented acceptance test is stipulated and under building-authority approval in the case of catching devices and determined in the appropriate general building-authority approval.
This documentation serves the operator as proof for his acquittal and is therefore very important.

Our Service

  • Tests according to EN 16005 automatic doors and gates
  • Tests for power-operated doors and gates according to EN 12635 and DIN EN 12605
  • Test for power-operated roller gate, roller shutters and rolling grill according to BGG 950
  • Monthly functional test fire protection shutter assembly
  • Yearly maintenance fire protection shutter assembly
  • First tests before the first commissioning
  • Repair of the servicing of the catching device
  • Mounting and planning of the facility
  • Archiving of all tests/servicing