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Cable connection and earthing

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The connection of high voltage, I & C and network cables is carried out professionally and within time by our mounting personnel. A certain specialization of our fitters is necessary because of the diverse types of cables which lead to a higher effectivity. Especially the connection of fiber optic cables requires a special education.

Our company has collected a large amount of experience especially in the area of nuclear power plants in the last ten years. The connection and documentation in nuclear power plants has a very high degree of priority.

Our Service

  • Connection and earthing of high voltage cables
    Connection and earthing of high voltage cables. If necessary the protocoling of the torque and the documentation of the connecting work.
  • Connection and earthing of measurement and control cables
    Connection of the cables by means of screw terminal, spring-type terminal, Maxi-Termi-Point, wire-wrap or soldering.
  • Connection of network lines
    Connection of copper, fiber optic or plastic material lines. Splice work from specially trained professional personnel including measurement of the contacts.