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CAD Construction and Engineering

Hardware planning with savvy

The realization of the automation of a facility starts usually with the implementation of the electrical plans in the CAD system. This offers the basis for the necessary following steps of the implementation like purchasing of materials, construction of the switch cabinets, creation of the automation software as well as the mounting and commissioning by the client.

All of this is supported by using the most modern CAD systems with a well-thought-out structure of the plans and the documentation. We use our many years of experience in this area so that we can carry out the perfect electrical plan and to design the project realization for all partners efficiently and clearly.

Our Service

  • Creation of electrical plans with different CAD systems e.g. Eplan 5.x, Eplan P8, Electro CAD, …
  • Creation of circuit diagrams
  • Creation of assemble plans in 2D and 3D
  • Creation of purchase order lists and BOM
  • Creation of clamping lists and cable lists
  • Hardware selection and planning according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines
  • Hardware selection and planning for explosion-protected areas
    Specialized company according to WRA (water resources act)