Measurement, Regulation & Electro Technology.

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Lighting installations

Who is a reliable and experienced master craftsman firm for lighting installations? The reliable light installation is taken on by IFA Mess-, Regel- und Elektrotechnik GmbH Ldt.

Electrical installation planning, circuit diagram plan as well as the mounting planning have a fundamental meaning for the lighting installation. Cable tray planning, cable way extension, cable reels, cable pull, cable connection as well as entire cable connecting must be carried out with exactness. IFA GmbH carries out such work for many decades now. Regulations for fire safety and if necessary radiation protection are consistently considered.

The installation according to ATEX with in framework of the explosion safety is a specification of IFA customer. The clean room installation is also carried out by the owner led and international master craftsman company. Process visualization, Loop check as well as the potential equalization are all further products in the electrical technology area for which IFA stands for with excellent work.