Measurement, Regulation & Electro Technology.

IFA is your international partner in automation and process technology.

Low voltage switchgear

Electrical energy is distributed in closed cabinets in low voltage switchgear. Switchboard manufacturing, PTSK tested switchboards as well as the construction of ready to use network cabinets belong to the business fields of IFA Mess-, Regel- und Elektrotechnik GmbH. But IFA is also in the area of medium voltage switchgear an experienced service provider.

The company that specializes in Measurement and Regulation technologies is highly experienced in the planning, the construction as well as the maintenance of highly complex electrical facilities in nuclear power plants but also in conventional power plants. The installation according to ATEX is part of our daily business. Fire safety and explosion protection are areas which IFA confronts in a very sensitive and experienced way in daily use.

IFA has all the necessary certification in these sectors. Test of electrical equipment, clean room installations, planning of the cable trays and testing of devices VDE 0701 are all business fields of our company. Terminal boards, process visualization and potential equalization are likewise areas where IFA works on a daily basis, for example cable run assembly, loop check, cable pulling and German Trade Association regulations (BGV) A3 testing.