Measurement, Regulation & Electro Technology.

IFA is your international partner in automation and process technology.

Doors FSA equipment DIN 14677

Who installs doors with FSA equipment DIN 14677? IFA Mess-, Regel- und Elektrotechnik GmbH is an expert firm for electrical technology which installs doors with FSA equipment DIN 14677 (catching device).  In this connection it is an important mechanism in the case of a fire alarm.

IFA also builds automatic doors EN 16005. The company for electrical technology is specialized in fire protection and moreover fulfills fire safety shutter test DIN 14675. Installation according to ATEX is further field of the IFA. This is carried out in the explosion safety. Electrical installation and mounting planning, test of electrical equipment and for example device testing VDE are all business areas of IFA in Neuenstadt.

Further fields of business activity of the internationally renowned expert firm from Baden-Wuerttemberg are the switchboard manufacturing, the lighting installation including all cable connections as well as the clean room installation and the building of low voltage switchgears. The company IFA GmbH from Neuenstadt is a full-service electro technical partner for its customers in the areas process visualization, circuit diagram plan, loop check, PLC programming and is certified according to EN ISO 9001.