Measurement, Regulation & Electro Technology.

IFA is your international partner in automation and process technology.

Cable protective conduits

The IFA GmbH offers a clean cable run extension including cable protective conduit. The company IFA is as a professional in electrical technologies specialised just as much in cable pull, cable connecting as well as loop check. Because of the demanding projects that are planned, realised and completed by the company in the areas fire safety, explosion protection as well as radiation prevention are essential for the IFA.

IFA realises complete solutions: terminal boards, low voltage switchgears, medium voltage switchgears and PLC programming according to client wishes. Switchboard manufacturing, PTSK tested switchboards, clean room installations and also the simple but demanding lighting installations are also business fields of the company IFA in Neuenstadt. Additionally the IFA offers: doors with FSA equipment DIN 14677, sliding doors BGG 950 EN 12635 and also automatic doors EN 16005.