Measurement, Regulation & Electro Technology.

IFA is your international partner in automation and process technology.

Cable route extensions

IFA GmbH is a professional firm for the cable route extension. The company from Baden-Wuerttemberg is an international specialist working world wide in the area of Measurement, Regulation and Electrical technologies. Nuclear power plants belong for example to the regular clients of IFA for many years now. Primary measurement value logging, potential equalization, the subjects of fire safety, radiation protection and explosion protection are all daily business for the IFA.

The company is valued in Europe as a partner for the highest reliability and precision. Installations according to ATEX are carried out by the IFA as well as for example device testing VDE 0701, the German Law of Labour/Leasing approvals and OHSAS 18001.

IFA offers as a full-service professional provider of planning-services: electrical installation planning, electro CAD planning, test of electrical equipment as well as EPLAN or the optimal circuit diagram plan. International operators of large power plants rely on the IFAs know-how as configurator and installer of individual medium voltage and low voltage switchgears. IFA deliver terminal boards and PLC programming on schedule for the commissioning.