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Cable connection and earthing

Profit from our know-how

The connecting of high voltage cables, I&C cables and network cables belongs to our daily business from our teams with many years of experience. Our topmost imperative beside our quality is to keep the deadlines.           

Our fitters are specialized in many different areas of expertise. This is necessary because of the various products and types of cables.

We thereby achieve a high degree of efficiency during the implementation of our work. Especially the connection of fiber optical cables demands a special education.

IFA Neuenstadt has acquired an excellent name internationally especially in the installations (i.e. cable connection) in nuclear power plants. Both the connection as well as the documentation has a high degree of significance.

IFA offers:

  • Connection and earthing of high voltage cables
    Connection and earthing. If necessary, logging of protocols of the torque and documentation of the follow up work
  • Connection and earthing of measurement cable and control cable
    Connection using a screw-type terminal, spring-type terminal, MTP (Maxi-Termi-Point), wire-wrap or soldering
  • Connection of network wires
    Connection of copper wires, fiber optical cables or plastic wires; Splice work only with special trained personnel including measurement of the connection