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Cable routings and protective conduit

Installation of cable racks, cable conduit and protective conduit

The installation of the cable runs belongs to the most challenging in a power plant. Many years of experience of a specialist is necessary for this type of work. The reason: This kind of installation is significantly different to the usual industrial areas.

The relevant point is that one must comply with the necessary redundancy, so that the power plant can still operate in the case of a fire. That is why the installation of the cable runs in power plants is assembled from our side much more robustly.

IFA offers:

  • Delivery and installation of cable trays
    Cable tray assembly including the necessary mounting accessories
  • Delivery and installation of cable protective conduit
    In an open or closed system; depending on the client’s wish galvanized; in stainless steel; aluminum or plastic
  • Delivery and installation of cable routes and railing routes
    In industrial facilities as well as administrative building; suitable for power supply as well as IT infrastructure.