Measurement, Regulation & Electro Technology.

IFA is your international partner in automation and process technology.

Mechanical testing and commissioning

We accompany your project from the beginning

IFA is specialized in testing the complete cabling as well as the technical functionality of the controls. It is necessary to test a cable to prevent a time lapse in the commissioning phase.

The protocoling is also realized independently and reliably by IFA. You have perhaps questions to the project? We are happy to consult you: +49 7139 4700-0

IFA offers:

  • Testing of wiring
  • Testing of insulation
    Core for core
    Core to protective earthing conductor
  • Testing of grounding and of protective earthing conductor
  • Measurement of insulation of network wiring
  • Functional control (TFK) of facility and systems
  • Documentation of testing
  • Creating of measuremant protocols